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Not Easy Doing Business During UPA, No Issues Now Claims Aircel Founder Sivasankaran

Suddenly exorcised “ghosts” are on the calling end of the mobile. Our very own serial entrepreneur Chinnappan Sivasankaran, he of the Aircel fame in a podcast hosted by Raj Shamani said he was pressured to sell his business during the UPA government. Siva claims that he was “pressurised” to sell off Aircel to Maxis by a duo of siblings who held far reaching clout in the UPA government. “I just made a paltry sum of Rs 3,400 crore from the deal, if I would have sold it to AT&T I would have got $ 8 bn (sic),” Sivasankaran said. On being asked what was the compulsion then. He said India today wasn’t like the India then. “Today no one can pressurise you,” he said, adding back then the entrepreneur had to face pressure “to sell the company to a particular person”. Why did Siva not come out openly with his allegations? Why watch helplessly when a brand you have built with much pain be sold off like an Arabian slave?  He says that he faces no such pressures in the current India (NDA government), that if you can ride high and turboprop your business, the sky is the limit. BJP Leader K Annamalai wasted no time in attacking the UPA government. On X he commented that “The misery of intimidation and subjugation businessmen went through during the UPA regime made India fall several steps in the ladder of development. Aircel founder Thiru Sivasankaran’s statement is a testament to the ease at which our country’s wealth creators are striving today under the leadership of our beloved PM Thiru @narendramodi.”