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Photo: INC.IN   

Non-Stop Party Feuds Casting Ominous Shadow Over Congress’ Call For Opposition Unity

Just a few days back, the Congress interim president Sonia Gandhi gave a call for unity among opposition parties to take on the BJP. Ironically, it’s her party’s warring factions in Punjab and Rajasthan who need this unity the most. Sonia was briefed by both Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot factions. Gehlot, it seems, is in no mood to entertain Pilot and his demand for cabinet expansion. In Punjab, a different drama is being played out and looks like the party is on the verge of a vertical split. The new state chief Navjot Siddhu seems to be a man in a hurry while Chief Minister Capt Amarinder Singh is in mood to surrender. He is prepared to fight internal rivals and BJP. Harish Rawat who is in charge of the Punjab unit, at the behest of the High Command, has asked Siddhu to get rid of his advisors to avoid further rift and controversies. But Siddhu seems equally adamant and belligerent. He is seeking a report card of Captain’s five-year rule. Rahul and Priyanka who were responsible for convincing Pilot not to quit the party are unable to come out with viable solutions either in Rajasthan or Punjab. Says party insiders, Congress is not just directionless but has lost vigour to save the government. Meanwhile both BJP and AAP are enjoying the fight.