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NEET Way: DMK Leader Bharati’s Dogged Pursuit Against Upper Cast

DMK leader RS Bharati known for his acerbic wit, often packaged as motivational twits was presiding over the July 3 shrill decibel DMK student wing protest against NEET, when his usual foot-in-the-mouth talent surfaced, socking and shocking the audience and media. “Even a dog gets a BA degree now,” lambasted lawyer Bharati. “We are not doctors or lawyers because of our privileged caste status, or Sanathanam or Gothram. We owe our education and status to the Dravidian alms (pichai).” Even as BJP’s TN chief K Annamalai raised a volley of protests against Bharati’s dog label insult, the damage control machinery of the DMK moved fast to assuage feelings. As Bharati deftly took his foot out, he spewed another bout of venom on the educated particularly the Brahmins whose sole aim in life was to exploit the lower castes, deny them entry to development. NEET was one of the most unshakable barriers. Bharati’s message on X put all in perspective. “A particular high bred caste prevented people like us, the downtrodden, from getting educated, even access to education. So what heights we have achieved is clearly the largesse of the Dravidian ideology.”