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Malaysia to Amnesia – Hate Story Revived

Why be a spoiler…watch this recently released hilarious movie, Malaysia to Amnesia directed by talented director Radha Mohan. Enjoy. Here we talk about another Malaysia to Amnesia theme: former AIADMK Minister, M Manikandan, who held the IT portfolio as one of the youngest elected from the party, is now facing serious charges of cheating, sexual exploitation and blackmail from an Indian actor, Shantini Theva from Malaysia. In her police complaint she has alleged that she was cheated, exploited, and blackmailed. Manikandan is an MBBS from Annamalai University, MS from Ramchandra Medical College, is a Fellow of the Indian Association of Endo Surgeons, taught surgery as an Asst Prof in Madurai Medical college where he was considered a strict disciplinarian. Such charges from exploited women are now frequent, especially when a high profile person is alleged to be involved. But even more intriguing is the allegation that Manikandan lured the lady with promise of investments in IT sector in Malaysia. Why is the news about an alleged relationship that had gone on for five years, brought to light as soon as the erstwhile government falls? And the lady from Malaysia is shouting hoarse that she has enough proof that the former minister is having Amnesia about her pregnancy, subsequent miscarriage. Now an even more murky allegation… that he threatened her and her family by posting pictures on the net about her promiscuity. Affairs of the heart are taking more precedence than affairs of the state.