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Is The Tamil Nadu Governor Taking A Crash Course In Tamil?

Of late, RN Ravi, the TN Governor is busy taking a crash course in spoken Tamil. He is now being tutored intensely to deliver speeches in Tamil. Why? Apparently, the Modi government is peeved that none of the people-friendly schemes that are initiated by the Centre have been conveyed effectively to the TN voters by the local BJP leaders. Recall the effort finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman put in while in Telangana about the PDS subsidies and how she ticked off the Collector in chaste Telugu. Similarly, home minister Amit Shah and other senior BJP leaders are intensely involved in spreading the pro people programmes of the Centre in the non-BJP states. TN Governor to his credit gives a decent discourse on “Sanathana Dharma“, a talent run-of-the -mill governors don’t possess. Once he masters colloquial Tamil he will perhaps use various fora to expound the generosity of the Centre to TN people. In that publicised meeting in the Raj Bhavan with superstar Rajinikanth, the Governor spoke in moving terms about his liking and admiration for the people of TN, in stark contrast to the prickly apprehension of the Tamilians about the imposition of Hindi. His tutors are sure going the whole hog to make him fluent in Tamil. Looks like BJP wants to take no chance in the run-up to 2024 Lok Sabha poll as its avowed mission is: “Telangana first, TN next”.