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Photo : Afghanistan 24/7   

Is Afghanistan Heading To Become Another Syria?

Afghanistan is headed to becoming the next Syria, hold experts, since infighting broke out between the Taliban factions, Pashtuns and Haqqqanis besides ISIS, which has also now jumped into the fray to apparently assert its rights over the spoils of war. A well placed MEA source said, “Unlike media reports of freshly initiated backroom parleys with the Taliban, Jaishankar was a very busy man for several weeks and months now. India engaged in talks at the instance and initiative of Sher Mohammad Abbas Stanikzai, the official head of the Taliban political leadership in exile based out of Qatar.” While Stanikzai repeatedly pressed for official political relations with India and recognition from the Modi government, India focussed on evacuations of minorities (with only 3,500 now still remaining to be airlifted) and even the Afghan nationals trapped in the mess. In turn, India has been able to get the Taliban to promise that no terror attack upon India would be permitted or supported from Afghan soil. However, now infighting has broken out between the three major players, namely the Taliban (factions in exile), the Haqqani group and the Pashtuns that is threatening to escalate into a full-scale war even as an unprecedented famine-like situation has become prevalent in Afghanistan.