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I.N.D.I.A Meet’s Menu Adds Spice To Political Sparring

The world famous Mumbai Vada Paav, Maharashtra’s iconic Puran Poli, popular savoury Baakar Vadee or plebeian staple Zunaka Bhakar were among the more prominent dishes served during the two-day I.N.D.I.A front meet underway at a 5-Star hotel in Mumbai. The entire menu, vegetarian though, has attracted attention since it became a matter of sparring between the state Congress, organisers of the meet, and the ruling BJP-led alliance. The social media army aligned with the BJP immediately published a rate list of the various items like a water bottle which was quoted as costing over Rs 200 and like NCP leader Sharad Pawar’s confidant Jayant Patil’s demand that a drought situation should be declared in Maharashtra in view of the absence of rains in large parts of the state became a tool for the trollers. They questioned the expenditure for the I.N.D.I.A meet at the luxury hotel in which each room rent runs in five figures and a cup of tea or coffee in hundreds. “If the Opposition is so much concerned about the privations suffered by farmers, it should explain the royal treatment meted out to the various leaders who have arrived in Mumbai for the I.N.D.I.A meet,” some remarked. State Congress president Nana Patole said that the entire menu was vegetarian and traditional Maharashtrian dishes were served. The give and take became spicy for a short while though ended without leaving any bitter after taste.