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High Command Diktat Sees Tamilisai, Annamalai Smoke Peace Pipe

After the much talked about high voltage dressing down in public of BJP leader Dr Tamilisai Soundararajan by home minister Amit Shah during Chandrababu Naidu’s swearing-in ceremony, the whole clip going viral saw BJP doing damage control. Tamil Nadu BJP chief K Annamalai went to her residence to pay his respects and the media was peppered with the optics of this Akka-Thambi (sister-brother) closeness. Memes about the Tamil hit Shivaji Ganesan- Savitri film Pasa Malar flew thick and fast. Dr Soundararajan is from a staunch Congress family…father Kumari Ananthan and her late cousin Vijay Vasanth expressed their shock when she joined the BJP. But a patch up took place when she married Dr Soundararajan in the presence of the two tallest Dravidian leaders –MGR and Kalaignar, underscoring her debut as a young leader. Her unique hairstyle and bright sarees have been mocked sometimes cruelly after her defeat by suave and sophisticated Tamizhacchi Thangapandian. Many opposition leaders used to tease her Tamilisai “Parattai” (unkempt sloppy hairdo) they called her. Unfazed she would shoot back… I may be, but at least my hair is original, not a wig master, Ouch! Stalin. With over 25 years of public life, walking out of two Governorships, this 62-year old former TN BJP chief post is relevant in her own right. An election loss and the public exposure, however anti-party, all stemmed from stress. Will Congress welcome her after Amit Shah publicly ticked her off?  Tamilisai’s predicament is aptly described by the 17th century poet John Milton in Paradise Lost where he says “Better to reign in Hell than serve in Heaven.”