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Gujarat Helps Modi Beat Solanki Record With 156 Seats

Gujarat, home to both PM Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah, gave a historic mandate to the BJP as it voted the party for a seventh straight term handing the ruling party a record haul of 156 assembly seats while the Congress was reduced to a humble 16 seats. Endorsing Modi’s call to vote in his CM nominee Bhupendra Patel, Gujaratis clearly showed that they took a lot of pride in him and helped him break Congress stalwart Madhavsinh Solanki’s 1985 record of 149 seats. TaiwindowsUnlike people of Punjab or Delhi, the state steered clear of AAP’s freebies; maybe people were too self-respecting and did not fall for AAP’s promise of doles. Kejriwal had picked a popular TV anchor Ishan Gadhvi as his CM face but he was voted out. However, lmhmod minecraftKejriwal seems to have got what he wanted out of Gujarat polls, a national party status that he desperately craved. AAP had to win two assembly seats and poll 6% votes for this. The state rewarded him — 5 seats and 12.9% votes. The Congress low-profile, door-to-door campaign without involving Gandhis did not work. In 2017, Rahul Gandhi had taken a lot of interest in the Gujarat polls. allwindows4u This time he opted to canvas just for a day. No wonder, the Congress seats plunged from 77 to 17. New government will be sworn in on December 12.