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Didi Returns For Khela Hobe: How’s The Business Josh?

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s return serve, to use a tennis phrase, seems faster than what BJP had anticipated. Even though Didi has won the game comfortably she is not happy. A reliable source says that hurt by party deserters her ire is directed at the mastermind – BJP. And she is doing everything within her might to put BJP on the back foot. For starters, Governor Jagdeep Dhankar who has been highlighting horrific post-poll violence has been called ‘corrupt’, Nandigram election results challenged in the High Court, HC judge handling that case has been asked to recuse from the case by her and now she pledges Khela Hobe with focus on 2024 Lok Sabha polls to oust BJP. In doing so, Didi, according to a businessman, is missing wood for the trees. Election is past tense; now the most important thing before Didi is the West Bengal economy. And she has not made any statements about giving fillip to state industrialisation. The business fraternity, he says, will not embark on any green field projects but perhaps do incremental brown field projects. To avoid being caught in the crossfire in the slanging match between the Centre and State, some businessmen are thinking of relocating out of India. If Didi focusses on West Bengal economy all other problems will solve itself.