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Covid Hero Sonu Sood’s Tax Troubles Result Of Political Witch-Hunt?

Why is the reel life villain but a ‘hero’ in real life being hounded by the government agencies? The 48-year old Sonu Sood has been in the eye of the storm ever since he began his philanthropic activity of helping thousands of migrants stranded at different parts of the country to reach their home safely during Corona lockdown. Sood is booked by Income-tax authorities for financial fraud and siphoning of funds. According to a central revenue intelligence official, Sood is also liable under provisions of the Disaster Management Act, in force since the Covid-19 pandemic was declared a national emergency. “Under the act, any relief material, even a packet of dry rations being diverted, invites criminal action and imprisonment of up to two years. Besides, charges levelled against Sood is that he diverted funds to purchase realty assets.” But these provisions were yet to be invoked in the actor’s case, says the official. According to a BJP leader: “Sood was on our radar from day one when he started helping migrants. His celebrity status ensured free media publicity. However, his close association with some left leaning NGOs made us cynical of his efforts that constantly attempted to show the work done by the ruling government in bad light.” Is that the real reason or the news that he may be appointed brand ambassador of AAP?