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Can Shruti Haasan Make It Big Like Her Dad?

Thirty-five year old Shruti Haasan, Kamal Haasan’s elder daughter pirouetted into the arc lights with much promise…a child star, singer and multilingual artist, this apple has not fallen far from the tree…the legendary Kamal Haasan. Shruti inherited not just drop dead gorgeous looks from her actress mother Sarika, but also immense talent and electrifying screen presence from Kamal. But after 15 films, a few hits, some flops, she has yet to get that role of a lifetime and come anywhere near her father’s mesmerising performance in innumerable box office hits. What has held her back? Cinema trackers say that she has also inherited her dad’s famous talent for falling in and out of love with fleeting flings. At the start of her career, actor Siddharth was much touted as her arm candy. Seems her co-star and music partner Dhanush was also smitten by her. Then came Michael Corsale, Shruti’s London amour de cour. A South Indian firang wedding was almost on the drawing board. Shruti and Corsale broke up, and stories of her plunging into alcoholic nirvana were bandied around. Shruti herself admitted that she had to be hung out to dry. More than a year later, she emerged from the hibernation, radiant and ravishing. But a new beau is in the wings: Santanu Hazarika, tattoo and doodle artist from Assam. Shruti Haasan has Uber loads of talent. Will she get back on her promising film track?