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Breakfast With Rahul Gives A New High To Opposition Unity Talks

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi’s breakfast meeting with the Opposition parties barring Akali Dal, MIM, AAP and BSP to decide strategy to take on BJP-led government on Pegasus spyware snooping, farmers’ agitation and rising auto fuel prices is being looked by the participants with a lot of reservations. Some of the participants recall that similar efforts were made ahead of 2019 elections, but Opposition unity remained merely a slogan largely due to ego and prestige issues of regional parties and Congress party’s rigid stand that they are first among equals. Some of the participants argued that the Opposition unity in a bid to put up a solid front against mighty BJP and especially against Modi-Shah duo will not happen as some parties fear retributive action by central investigating agencies. However, participants were unanimous to accept one thing that Rahul is now approachable and ready to listen to them. But for how many days, how many months, is still a million dollar question. Some of the leaders who attended the meeting hoped that such meetings do not become a non-starter like in the past. They feel there should be a concrete action plan instead of breakfast meetings which are mere photo ops. Clearly, my enemy’s enemy is my friend does not fly today. You need unity and strategy.