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Border Clash: Why Is Rahul Gandhi Pushing Beijing’s Narrative In India?

It was as if Congress leader Rahul Gandhi was waiting for a question on border dispute in Tawang in Arunachal Pradesh to unleash his scathing attack on the Modi government. Charging the Centre of being clueless, he claimed, “China is preparing for war, but the Indian government seems to be sleeping. China is gearing up for the war but our government is not ready to accept this fact.” These words were a bit rich coming from a leader, who took briefing from a Chinese envoy when Indian soldiers gave a befitting response to the Chinese soldiers in Galwan two years ago. Recently the Chinese Government has acknowledged 11 of its soldiers had died in Galwan. But then Rahul is so easily convinced by Chinese official propaganda that he even went on to assert that “China’s PLA is beating our soldiers on the border. They are preparing for the full offensive, but our government is hiding it. We need to be careful as the government only indulges in rhetoric.” Unfortunately for the Congress and the Opposition, the Indian side did not suffer much in Tawang clashes and even the soldiers who required hospitalisation in Guwahati were so few. So why is Rahul pushing the China narrative in India? Who does it benefit? Is it because the Congress has some fraternal ties with Communist Party of China that Rahul is feeling compelled to defend every action of Beijing?  Possibly.