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BJD MP Gets Free Advice From Netizens On His Vaccine Appeal to Corporates

The post on LinkedIn by Biju Janata Dal Rajya Sabha MP Amar Patnaik has come in for harsh criticism. Patnaik in his post wrote: “I appeal to top wealthy Indians/ Companies! Can you shoulder the burden of vaccinating at least 25% of Indians as part of your duty to Motherland? In fact, some of you can do from only one year of profits! If there was ever a time to give back, its NOW! I am sure your shareholders would agree.” He may not have expected this kind of outburst. There were 1,119 likes but 238 scathing comments. Most of the comments asked Patnaik why he was only singling out the business community! Corporate India was already paying taxes and some of them were giving tons of oxygen free besides contributing to PM Cares Fund. Why are you begging someone else to do it? It is the job of the government to do it when you have the infrastructure, resources and capital. One common question raised by most of them was what about ‘corrupt’ politicians and bureaucrats who have crores stashed abroad? Their net worth would be equally high, they hinted. In essence, the message was loud and clear: Charity begins at home. First appeal to fellow politicians before asking others to chip in. Quite.