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Bengal Violence

West Bengal Panchayat Poll Violence: Is It TMC Vs TMC?

With the increase in killing of more TMC workers in the panchayat election political analysts feel that it is the internal feud of the Trinamool Congress (TMC) which has led to the death of so many TMC supporters. In fact, the party does not require the Opposition party for its decimation. It is their own cadres who are fighting with each other and that results in their own killings in this panchayat election. According to the State Election Commission, around nine TMC workers were killed on Saturday (July 8). Sources say that TMC leadership has failed to address the internal feud of each and every district. They may have controlled the feud at the top level but not at the grassroot. According to political analyst Snigdhendu Bhattacharya, internal feud is one of the aspects leading to violence in many places during the panchayat poll; clashes took place between TMC and independent candidates who quit TMC as they did not get tickets. Besides, internal feud TMC also faced onslaught from the Left, BJP and Congress parties.  According to Imankalyan Lahiri, Professor of International Relations, Jadavpur University, feud within TMC has increased over the years and they do not need another party for their own destruction, they are causing their own self-destruction. 

Now Become A Doctor In 3 Years, West Bengal Govt Mulls Diploma In Medicine

West Bengal chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s proposal to introduce a 3-year diploma course in medicine to become a doctor who can work in district hospitals has come under fire from the medical fraternity. Many are saying that a 3-year diploma course cannot replace a 5-year degree course for doctors. Many senior doctors are apprehensive about the quality of training and education that these diploma doctors will have in a 3-year course. The general fear is that private institutions will mushroom to offer 3-year diploma courses and the quality of doctors will be suspect. This move may create mishaps, many fears. Doctors belonging to the CPM-backed Association of Health Service Doctors said that civic doctors cannot be an alternative for the doctors who are working 24X7 in the state-run hospitals. Goutam Mukherjee, secretary of the Association of Health Service Doctors said that it is true that there is a shortage of doctors in the state, but a 3-year diploma course is not the right prescription. According to senior members of TMC-backed Progressive Service Doctors Association, the state government should rethink the proposal before taking a final call. Doctors who are pursuing their Masters said that there should be some basic criteria for those pursuing diploma courses in medicine. There should be an entrance test. It may be noted that Didi mooted the idea at a public meeting as there is acute shortage of doctors in the state. She asked health secretary NS Nigam to look into the same.
Mamata abhishek

TMC Does A BJP, Inducts New Faces For The Upcoming Panchayat Elections

Taking a cue from the Karnataka election, Trinamool Congress (TMC) has decided to engage young talented new leaders for the upcoming panchayat election in West Bengal. Sources in the TMC said that the tainted image of some senior leaders has forced TMC to adopt a BJP strategy of going for newer and younger faces. TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee has instructed senior party leaders to give priority to young, dynamic talented leaders. Besides, Didi has asked a few senior leaders like Chandrima Bhattacharya, Sasi Panja who have a clean image to guide the junior leaders. Junior leaders like Saayoni Ghosh, president of TMC youth Congress, Birbaha Hansda, Ritobrata Banerjee, former CPM MP, Raj Chakraborty, June Maliah are some of the young talented leaders who will be given more responsibility for the upcoming panchayat election. Besides, the party is also looking for fresh faces. Political analysts are of the opinion that the move also reflects a trend among regional parties. Samajwadi Party chief Akhilesh Yadav has taken the mantle from his late father and has chosen to appoint many young leaders. Imankalyan Lahiri, senior political analyst said “Bringing in new faces is a part of the brand strategy aimed at brand renewal. The selection of leaders who will be projected in the forefront and who will work behind is based on feedback and pre-planned strategy.
Priyadarshini hakim

Who Is TMC's Rising Star Priyadarshini Hakim?

At a time when Kolkata Mayor and state minister for urban development Firhad Hakim was snubbed by the Trinamool Congress party in raising the parking fee in KMC areas, a few days back, the party’s projection of his eldest daughter Priyadarshini Hakim in the political arena has raised many eyebrows in the state.  On March 29 she was seen at the dharna manch at the Gandhi statue along with chief minister Mamata Banerjee, she was seen hosting the All Women’s Daawat-E Iftar (grand Iftar meet) on April 8 under the aegis of West Bengal Trinamool Mahila Congress; she has been made general secretary of the same organization. Before entering politics she worked in the corporate communications department of CESC for 9 years. After her schooling from Modern High School she did postgraduate in public relations from Xavier Institute of Communications. Sources in the TMC said that a section of TMC leaders are aggrieved with the sudden rise of Priyadarshini. Is it because of her father’s proximity to Didi? Political analysts however feel that it’s a calculated measure of Didi to win over the minority people of the state. According to Biswanath Chakarborty, Professor of Political Science at Rabindra Bharati University, “TMC is facing wrath in the state, because of the tainted image of some of the prominent leaders. Priyadarshini is the new face and so the party thought it to be wise to project her before the panchayat elections.”


Editor’s Note: Big Punch In Small Pack

It is the Third Anniversary of Short Post and as a news media startup launched during the Covid-19 pandemic it certainly feels better than good to find ourselves where we are today. Here, I must cite the unstinted support of our seasoned contributors, all senior editors in the country, who brought a great degree of maturity and sagacity to the Short Post newsroom. But for them, our tagline “Authentic Gossip”, an Oxymoron, would not have matured viably. Our user numbers may be small but our stories have created the desired impact among people who matter — decision makers and influencers. We offer a big punch in a small pack and Short Post with its 225-word stories has been punching above its weight category. Having posted close to 3,000 stories in the last 36 months, Short Post, I feel, is an idea whose time has come.
And this is vindicated by our two marquee advertisers – IDFC FIRST Bank and ICICI Lombard. Both believed in our story and have supported us from Day one. A big thank you to both.
If you look at the media landscape – print, TV and digital — it is a mixed bag. There are job losses as some outfits have closed down while a lucky few were bailed out by large corporate houses. Yes, there is a lot of action in the digital space. However, the entry of corporate houses has raised the question of independence of news media outfits. Sadly, there are just a handful of independent media outfits in the country that are highly respected for their neutrality. At Short Post, our credo is not to take sides, prejudge issues or be biased but, informing readers of behind-the-scenes happenings. In essence, Short Post strives to be a neutral editorial platform — neither anti-establishment nor pro-establishment.
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