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All Eyes On BCCI After Kohli Stirs Up A Hornet’s Nest

Virat Kohli has put the cat among the pigeons by his unambiguous utterances at the customary pre-departure (to South Africa) interaction with the media that there has been no communication from the BCCI that he should not step down from the India Twenty20 captaincy. More than a decade into international cricket and for a good eight years as captain, Kohli has phenomenal numbers across all formats playing 446 matches in Tests, ODIs and Twenty20 and scored 23197 runs, all that has made him the superstar of Indian and World cricket. He has achieved almost everything in his long career and at 33 is a family man. He appeared not to be talking through his hat or making off the cuff statements, while directing an oblique reference to the BCCI president Sourav Ganguly who had gone public saying that he had told Kohli not to give up the Twenty20 captaincy. Kohli dubbed such reports has inaccurate, not credible, and another report about him asking the BCCI to rest him for the ODI series in South Africa, a lie. Kohli has thus ensured that the ball is in the BCCI court. The question is whether the BCCI Secretary Jay Shah was in the know of any conversation between Ganguly and Kohli. The BCCI has to make a clean breast of the L’affaire Kohli T20 captaincy issue.