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Akshay-Starrer ‘Sooryavanshi’ Makes Huge Moolah As Big Screen Blends With Netflix

Akshay Kumar as the patriotic, patronising, platitudes spewing cop carries Sooryavanshi on his six pack, muscle bulging shoulders with so much sincerity that one feels almost guilty for panning this mixed up, pro-establishment homily ridden film. This “terrorist” film heavy on back to back guns, helicopters, chases, RDX, serial blasts , innocents falling like nine pins and Hindu Muslim platitudes spouted with absolute seriousness is so predictable. Mass action entertainer Rohit Shetty has even bunged in the theme song from Hum Hindustani. And the heroine Katrina Kaif would get the same summing up from Khalid Mohammed when he reviewed Darwaza years ago. “Anil Dhawan in and as Darwaza.” Ranveer Singh in a comedy cameo as the pomaded sculpted body Simmba and Ajay Devgun as Singham the serious pose with Akshay, victorious. The movie has racked over Rs 120 crore within a month of its theatre release, when the makers were debating OTT or theatres in 2020. And the icing on the cake, Netflix signed up Rs 100 crore for its December 4 release. Good optics for the BJP trying to change gears and lanes for its ensuing elections narrative. Two straight years of locked down, misery filled rainy days and assorted catastrophes, people of India want some fantasy spectacle. Who knows even such filmy efforts may stitch the great divide or drive the wedge even more deeply.