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Adani Stocks: What’s The Further Downward Risk?

From a peak of Rs 24.33 tn (Rs 2,433,000 cr) last year Adani group’s market capitalization has already nose-dived more than 70% to Rs 7.16 tn (Rs 716,000 cr). Is this the end of the slide, or is it going to fall further? A close study of the Adani group stocks reveals that, in the first decade during which the group had just one listed company, Adani’s P/E multiples were in single digit which was far below the market average. In the second decade, when the group started unlocking the value of its closely-held companies, the discounting vastly improved.  In the third decade, when the count of the group’s listed entities increased from 3 to 10, the P/E multiples shot up to three digits which were many times more than the market average. The current slide has corrected the group’s P/E from 147X to 43X. However, this is still far higher than the current market composite P/E of 25X. At the current market composite P/E, the Adani group’s market cap should be about Rs 4.2 tn (Rs 420,000 cr). In other words, the group’s market cap may possibly contract another 40% (about Rs 300,000 cr) under the present circumstancesBy arrangement with