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    Gossip by definition appeals to all age groups, especially if it’s authentic and plausible – and is coming from the horse’s mouth, the trustworthy sources. All of us – be it friends, colleagues, neighbours or relatives – are curious to know what’s the inside story or the side story. Obviously, it’s a human thing. And it’s to serve this human interest that is set out to Make Sense of Gossip, and to provide Authentic Gossip with insightful analysis across a spectrum of mega Trends and Debates, focusing on Politics, Business, Sports, Entertainment, Art & Fashion, and Celebrities. All these Mega Trends & Authentic Gossip are brought to you by an extremely experienced team of journalists and veteran observers in, simple, short posts. In a Non-Partisan, Transparent and Ethical language that is universal to all – the Millennials, the GenNow, and the Freedom Fighters.